Behavior Guidance Policy

The following forms of discipline shall never be used:

1) Corporal punishment, including but not limited to the following

* Striking a child directly or with any physical object

* Shaking, shoving, spanking or other forms of aggressive physical contact. Also requiring or forcing a child to repeat physical movements.

2) Harsh, humiliating, belittling or degrading responses of any form. Including verbal, emotional or physical.

3) Confinement of, or isolation of a child or children.

However Staff and volunteers shall:

Always be a positive role model and shall follow the same guidelines the children follow, will offer boundaries and guide lines that shall be implemented for the children's personal safety as well as the safety of others and the well being of the center. These guidelines shall be consistently enforced and explanation will be offered while the rule is in place to help understanding of. Suggestions shall be worded in a non threatening and positive fashion. positive reminders will be given verbally, throughout pictures and certain themes.

The staff shall be fair and loving to all children. They shall give full attention to the children at all times staff shall be available to ease troublesome situations through support and guidance.

     Staff will positively reinforce on a regular basis, picking out positive actions, behaviors and capabilities of all children. This will help to reinforce self worth and value.

 We would like to help the children be able to express all emotions including anger without hurting others in the process. Staff will guide the children to another activity or console them if these strategies are not effective. A short time out to calm the child may be the next step.

This will not be used as a form of punishment but will allow the child to end the time out period when he/she is feeling better.

Behavior that constitutes a positive role model shall be determined to include, but not limited to.

* Calm,Positive demeanor.

* Appropriate language and actions at all times

* A person who follows the same rules set for the children where ever appropriate.

* Dress that reflects our position working with children.

* A respect for the feelings and personal values for another person as well as the center.



Staff will not offer food to reinforce positive behavior.

Staff will not withhold food as a consequence for inappropriate behaviors.

Food will not be used as a reward for completing a task or finishing a meal.

We as childcare providers are responsive to children's cues around hunger. We offer snacks and meals outside the regular schedule required.

It is important that we provide a relaxing and enjoyable meal environment. Staff is encouraged to respond to children's hunger and feelings of fullness. Children are not forces to finish food that has been served.