Philosophy Statement

All children deserve quality childcare with full participation. With this belief in mind we respect the varied needs and cultural differences of families and our closely linked community.

Our center delivers a homelike atmosphere where the heart of the daycare is through its Early Childhood Educators, and support staff. For that reason, the importance of professional development, caring, sensitivity and nurturing is essential in all swings staff.  Swings daycare focuses highly on ensuring that staff members feel that they are valued and encouraged to participate in the daycares success and evolving atmosphere. Swings staff are considered family with four of the six employees who have been with us since the first day the doors were opened back in 1998.

To further our homelike atmosphere we divide children into single age groups for small grop learning but also incorporate mixed ages. Where we find this to be a positive way of furthering home like quality.


It is our belief that children learn best through play. The program offer time for uninterrupted child directed play with  lots of open ended materials with no specific set of directions, this encourages children to use creativity and critical thinking in such a way of turning everyday house hold items into learning experiences.  

Indoor and outdoor play experiences have a huge impact on children learning. The benefits of outdoor play allow for different use of gross & fine motor, language, social and cognitive skills and development. Outdoor play offers a complex and imaginative child led inquiry based play, with a playground in the premises we can link indoor and outdoor play through a variety of toys, books, dress up also natural discoveries to blur the lines between both.

It is our belief that we greet the children, parents, families and community into our center and make them a part of the Swings family, where information is openly shared about the center and unfortunately sometimes there can be difficult conversations that need to be discussed in a respective &  sensitive manner. ( example:  children's behaviour while at daycare)

Swings in constantly evaluating, reflecting, advancing and ever changing to meet the needs of our children, families and community.