Philosophy Statement

It is the philosophy of this center that children are our greatest resource and therefore our deepest commitment is to ensure that they grow cognitively, physically,emotionally and socially to their greatest individual potential.

   We as staff members, are a party of a community, that will positively reinforce the growth of the children by:

* Workshops must be attended on a regular basis to help us grow and better understand ways to assist in the child's development. Staff/Parent meetings will be held regularly. This allows parents and employees of the center to learn to work together in a partnership that develops trust between parent, child in the center.

* We understand that good nutrition is a daily necessity and requirement for children to grown in a positive healthful way. We support our nutritional commitment by following Canada's Food Guide as it is recommended and the new regulations according to the daycare act. We will remain open to new food ideas leaving room for growth and development in this area.

* We believe that children learn best through play, therefore our program will provide many opportunities for children to learn offering toys, equipment and themes that will challenge each child's imagination, skills and ability.

* We as staff, will be the role models to help the child grow, learn and develop relationships that will be the foundation for trust, love,creativity and equality. this will be attained by ensuring that staff/child ratios are at beneficial levels to allow plenty of one on one care and nurturing. We are also able to offer a supportive child care worker that is there for that extra little help and any special needs of the children.

* This plan will work within a flexible framework that will reassure that children that there are accountable times for certain activities such as snack, meals, rest and circle. This structure will provide the things the children can depend on and look forward to as well as offer security.

* A program that offers weekly themes that will interest and benefit the child, will be enhance through song, craft, roles playing and reading. Through hands on experiences that children will have a concrete learning toll that will enhance this program.

* There will be the implementation of rules and boundaries that will be in place for the children as well as the staff. The children will be helped and positively guided toward safety, sharing, caring and helping. Negativity will be downplayed and the positive aspects of each child will be promoted. It is the belief of the center that corporal punishment will NOT be tolerated in any form. We would like to help the children to be able to express all emotions including anger without hurting others in the process. Staff will guide the children to another activity or console them. If these strategies are not effective a short time out to calm the child may be the next step. This will not be used as a form of punishment, but allow the child to end the time out period when he/she is feeling better.

* We continue to strive to make this center a warm, comfortable, caring environment, one that will be extension of home values and love. We as staff members, continue to work hard on creating and environment that generate continual growth and improvement to policy, curriculum and teaching tools within. If we never lose sight of the child's rights and needs then we will always be able to stay on track.

* We foster and promote the principles and values embodied in the Canadian Charter of Rights. We believe in gender, religious and racial equality and the richness of cultural diversity. We do not narrowly define the family.

                                                              Staff Child Ratios

The Staff child ratio will be 1;6 for the toddlers who are 18 months to 35 months and 1;8 for 36 months to 5 years. The staff and child ratio will be 1;15 for the before and after school children.