Our Staff

All Staff  at Swings Daycare must have current Criminal Records Check/Child Abuse Registry/CPR & First Aid

Shelley Boyce is the owner and director of Swings Daycare, she has been in child care since 1982. She is the founder of the center and has operated it since 1998. Shelley also plays an active role daily in the center, being on the floor with a class and part of staff child ratios. Shelley has obtained her Early Childhood Education Diploma from the Truro, Teachers College, and continues her learning through workshops, co workers, the parents, children and community. With many years of experience and the desire for all children to receive quality childcare this makes Swings Daycare an excellent place for children to develop to their full potential.

Shelley has also obtained her food handlers certificate.

Nicole MacDonnell is the co-director of Swings Daycare. She has been with the center since it opened in 1998. She has been working as an early childhood educator for 25 years. Nicole has obtained her Early Childhood education from St.Joseph children's centre. Nicole has obtained her food handlers certificate, as she prepares all the meals.

My name is Darlene Handley. I took my Early Childhood Education in Tacoma Wash. I grew up in a military family, married a military man and with our children have lived across this country and Europe. I have been in this field for over 25 years, 14 of these years employed at Swings Daycare. Have my classification level one. I do the toddler program in the morning then help out with the older children in the afternoon.

Hi my name is Tasha Isenor, I have been employed with Swings Daycare for 12+ years. I have my entry level in childcare. I work with all age groups and with the after school children.

Hello, My name is Lisa. I'm 35 years old. I am a mother of two children, Lily ( 7 years) and Hunter (5 years). I have my level 1 in Early Childhood Education from St. Josephs. I have been in childcare since 2008. I have worked with all ages, but I am currently working with mostly preschool and school age children.

Hi, my name is Jacky cooper. I've been employed as the Child Support Woker at Swings Daycare Centre since March 2020. I have lived in this community since 2003, am the mother of two children, and have nine years experience operating an in home daycare. I have acquired my provincial Entry Level daycare qualifications and look forward to working with children of all ages.